Security breaches unfortunately happen all the time. While larger companies can weather the financial and PR storms associated with a breach, small businesses on average close their doors within 6 months of an incident. What's worse is that post-attack analyses show a vast majority of breaches are active within the network for months - even years - before detection; the only thing missing in these cases was a security expert looking for the evidence of a compromise.

So let skilled security experts keep watch over your network activity for you. By applying cutting-edge SIEM technology and established threat intelligence, suspicious activity and security incidents can be quickly identified and remediated.

It's time to get acquainted with business security.

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Protect your network from these threats and more:

  • Port scans, host scans, denied scans, sudden change of traffic between certain IPs or other anomalies in traffic.
  • Network server/device and admin logon anomalies – authentication failures at all times and unusual IPs.
  • Network access irregularities from VPN, wireless logons and domain controller.
  • Account lockouts, password scans and unusual logon failures.
  • Rogue endpoints, wireless access points.
  • Botnets, mail viruses, worms, DDOS and other “day zero” malware identified by cross-correlating DNS, DHCP, web proxy logs and flow traffic.
  • Abnormalities in web server and database access.
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