The Digital Age

Have you ever stopped to think about how digital our lives have become in the last ten years? Back in the day I remember going to Macy's with my mother, and whenever she would use her credit card there was this big black chunky thing that would use carbon paper to imprint the numbers on it for a receipt. Those tools are long gone because now credit transactions (any transactions, really) can all be done digitally; our account information is seamlessly beamed over our heads, under the oceans, and under the streets to their final destination.  I’ve been doing this for years, clicking that one-click-now on Amazon without hesitation or curiosity as to where my credit card information is going or - more importantly - who else is reading it.

The issue of online security has penetrated mainstream media as a topic of both bewilderment and concern. Over the next few months, I’ll be exploring the vast world of networking security and how it impacts our daily lives.  From credit card transactions to accessing your email account, information security is an essential requirement to live in this day and age… unless you’re off the grid somewhere, and in that case you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog!