The Apple of the Tech Eye

In the world of technology, gaging the behaviors of the top players in the tech arena is always a surefire way to gain insight into the state of affairs. With this being said, the trending decline of Apple share prices in recent months has been a notable topic. This drop has purportedly been due to the realization that Apple has not actually come out with any new products recently. Instead, their activity as of late has been limited to modifications and upgrades to existing products.

What is of even potentially more interest than the momentary blip in Apple’s astounding trajectory to tech dominance over the past 20 years are the latest additions to the Apple family. Acquiring only 2 companies in 2011, Apple proceeded to acquire 4 in 2012, and subsequently 15 in 2013. Not necessarily known for an appetite for major acquisitions, it is certainly thought-provoking to ponder what exactly these activities portend.

Apple’s acquisitions of start-ups and companies in the areas of maps, smart data, and chips certainly make logical sense. The high-level technological know-how or the innovative new idea is attained by Apple in order to best utilize these innovations. Ultimately, Apple has made it clear that they prefer to procure the skills, expertise, and intellectual property necessary to improve Apple products, as quality production is their major goal. This is why acquisition of smart data and chip technology that has allowed various innovative facets of applications of existing Apple software has been a sensible, constructive move. Nevertheless, in the face of wavering shares of Apple, potential diversification to the realm of cars and medical devices could be a bold yet cunning selection in the Apple playbook. An expansion of Apple’s sphere beyond simply consumer electronics could be on the horizon, with rumors buzzing concerning Apple’s interest in sensor devices that can be used to help predict heart attacks all the way to Apple’s interest in the electric automobile producer, Tesla. Rumors aside, the thought of the legendary innovation of Apple expanding its resources to address a broader, farther-reaching scope than consumer electronics is quite exciting, isn’t it?