The Sales Agent partner model was developed by TriDatum Solutions to ensure that you, the seller, are able to take care of your valued clients to the best of your ability. We enable you to deliver on requirements through:

  1. A focus on C-level agendas

  2. Innovation around megatrends in the IT industry

  3. The delivery of a portfolio of products and managed services that lead in our seller segments.

Lay the groundwork for IT Innovation.

Help clients build hybrid infrastructures that provide the utmost efficiency to deliver critical business services and applications.


Provide obtainable ways to make data the cornerstone of client organizations by delivering actionable insights in real-time.


Show clients how to fortify their organization against security breaches while reducing the complexity and cost of compliance. 


Enable clients to create workforces that can be productive anytime, anywhere, from any device with secure workspaces.


Through a 50/45 plan, TriDatum Solutions is enabling a District Partner Program that gives the advantage to the sellers. The Program serves to enable veteran technology sellers the ability to:

  • Earn an above-industry average distribution of Gross Profit as business grows.

  • Reap the rewards of TriDatum's business valuation in direct proportion to what you contributed.

Interested in becoming part of an industry-disrupting team that is focused on the client journey to not just customer success, but your own? Fill out the form!


  • Desire to work with a company that is less than 3 years old and designed to build, grow and sell
  • Passion for truly helping clients and recognition that this skill should proportionately aligned with compensation
  • 3+ years of sales experience in the technology industry
  • 80% of annual Gross Profit comes from 5+ clients
  • 2014 Gross Profit contribution to your existing company exceeds $300,000.
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