We enable more effective workforces.
We build more efficient infrastructures.

We deliver digital business transformation.


Modern day businesses require three things to find success: front-line decision making, ecosystem based innovation, and insight-driven processes. It is our goal to make that happen for you.

Built by a team of transformation specialists, TriDatum Solutions is committed to designing technology solutions that embrace the hybrid cloud, securely mobilize workforces, optimize on-premise IT infrastructures, and revolve around data. We can't be classified as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), a Managed Service Provider (MSP), an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or under any of the traditional technology naming conventions.

We consider ourselves a new, unbranded breed of technology provider:
a security-centric Transformation agency dedicated to client success.


the Hybrid intersection

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of the technology philosophy that drives everything about us. 

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A Secured Foundation

Workloads are the foundation of your business. Build them to run securely, reliably, efficiently - affordably.

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The Secured workspace

Built for flexibility, intended for secure business. Explore the Workspace that will take you to new, unimaginable heights.

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Somebody smart once said: "There are two kinds of light - the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures."

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Join us for our 2015 Open House!

We're opening our doors and throwing a party to celebrate this past year and the coming of a new one! We'd love to have you join us. Good food, good drinks, good company - can we ask for anything more?